14 May 2013

The Sea Chanty Ensemble at Pomona College

A first? 
Please visit the Facebook page for this. I am doing lots more "blogging" there than I have been doing here!


  1. Hey Ranzo-
    I really like your shanties! I just found you by a Google search of "Long Time Ago shanty lyrics". After following links I found your other songs. You have some interesting variations on the classics. I particularly like your "Hellie Hellie Shamra" perfectly appropriate for small sailboats where hand over hand work is dominant. Best regards, Ted

  2. Hi Ted,
    It's really great to hear from you! Thanks for your feedback.
    Sorry this blog has not been active recently. I started it in order to look back on the "Hugill" chanties I'd learned, to revist and reflect on them. However, lately I have decided to go far beyond the "usual" sources and to try to learn "all" the other chanties hanging around. Hence my energies have mainly been towards learning the new ones and posting them to my YouTube. Take it east,
    Ranzo :{